SkinBaron Cup

128 Teams, Every Saturday 18:00 CET

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The cup starts on Saturday, 18:00 CET. Don't forget to check-in before!

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Win vouchers worth 6650€ every season
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6650€ prize pool

Every season, you can win a total of 6650€ in vouchers for the SkinBaron market place. For each of the 10 cups of a season, there is a 640€ prize pool. You can play in as many cups as you want. The first place of the ranking recieve a bonus of 250€.

SkinBaron Cup Season 23

UPCOMING SkinBaron Cups

Play as many cups as you want and gather ranking points for the fist place to get 250€!

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SkinBaron Cup Support

Please join our support Discord if you have any questions or in case you need help. During a cup, you have to use the admin call on FACEIT for live support.